Robotics Resources — A Compilation

This post would be a compilation of resources that would be helpful in learning Robotics.


  • Handbook of Robotics [ ] — This book is like the all in one robotics book. It covers from the basics to a decent level, though not up to any specialization. The reader would get a good hold on the topic if read. It is kind of huge and is not expected to be read in a single go. People use when required. Kind of like the Bible/Dictionary. Highly recommended
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots [ ] — This one talks about how autonomous mobile robots work in general. How does the sensing, mapping, dynamics and control, navigation and so on. This just touches the basics, but well written and easily understandable. Quite small, could be read through soon before starting off with a autonomous robot project. Highly Recommended if autonomous robot projects are targeted.
  • Probabilistic Robotics [ ] — Much more specific to localization and mapping. Basically, addresses the real world issues that come up during the robot navigation. Authored by the pioneers in the field, Sebastian Thrun, Burgard and Fox. Recommended if navigation and localization is targeted.
  • Planning Algorithms [ ] — Probably the one and only book available for Motion Planning. The author is one of the best in the field and is highly revered person for his algorithms. He is from UIUC and even takes an online course at IIT-M. The book need not be bought, as it is available online. Reading it might be quite boring for few people as it talks about manifolds and other higher levels of geometry. Recommended if working on Motion Planning
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach [ ] — Great book. Required in robotics as this is one of the domains that is reliable to solve many unsolved problems in Robotics. The link provides an older version. The latest version is not available online. Recommended
  • Programming with ROS [ ] — This is a good one for learning ROS, but definitely is not a one stop shop. People get to learn ROS by doing it and by interacting in the ‘ROS Answers’ forum. Not Necessary, but not bad
  • Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming [ ] — This is a good book. It guides the user to develop 2 robots, a mobile robot and a manipulator using ROS and eventually attempts to teach ROS. There are chances the reader ends up simulating two robots but never learns anything if the reader is not focused in learning ROS. Not Necessary, but not bad
  • Books from Patrick Goebel are also not bad for learning ROS, but I would not advocate for any of these. The best way to learn ROS would be go through the following link.
  • Other books related to Programming and stuff would be required for beginners in Programming. Other than that, it is good to have books related to Machine Learning.

Online Courses:


The comments that I have placed below each book/course is purely my personal preference. You may try out those courses (I would encourage you to) and you might like them.

I am not affiliated to any books/online courses mentioned in this list.