Dear clients.

Despite COVID-19 hindering workflow in almost the whole world, LH-Crypto continues developing and improving itself, and now we are ready to give an account of our successes and share our future plans.

In March, our restless Development Department has visited South Africa for a major expo of the African region, Blockchain Africa Conference 2020. …

LH-Crypto offers an unprecedented +200% bonus to your deposit!

☝️All you need to do for the bonus is to open an account or replenish your existing account for more than Euro and upload your home selfie to the Clients Area.

👨‍💻The programme Stay at home and get the profit starts on April 1st and will be ongoing till the end of the quarantine.

In the new episode of our analytics weekly:

✔where the oil is a genuine bargain?

✔ which metal and stock skyrocketed these days?

✔ is this truly a turn of the market or just a bounce?..

…and lots more! It’s Friday, weekends ahead — LH-Crypto analytics is here again, updated

Besides, pop in to Cryptopedia — there’s even more to learn:

In the new episode of LH-Crypto weekly analytics we overlook the governments’ and central banks’ measures to restrain the streaming coronavirus panic. Also, we will cover the most significant events of the next week anf greet Catarina back from Africa.

Want to know more? Check our news —

Cryptocurrencies fell down in value, but are in demand; Coinbase Card became available on Google Pay; Bakkt was able to attract $ 300 million investment.

Dear clients

Our office supports the measures that are taken to flatten the curve of COVID-19; due to it, our support operators and the Accounts Department start to work remotely.

It may increase the time we need to process your requests.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

✅As soon as the situation gets back to normal and we resume to our standard working mode, we will let you know.

In line with our strategic development into African region, LH-Crypto representatives attended the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.

Despite coronavirus concerns, the event gathered representatives from large number of countries and regions: Australia, United States etc.

LH-Crypto company and services presentation aroused considerable interest among conference’s в attendees and participants, like always.

This week will go down in history and in trading textbooks as the most bloody and red since the Great Depression. Everything went down, even those assets that normally grow in times of crisis. Let’s check through again the major events of the week that led us to it and explain the reasons behind this total fall in the new episode of LH-Crypto weekly analytics.

Besides, Cryptopedia has a lot more of interesting reading:

Watch the newest episode of LH-Crypto weekly analytics and learn what tectonic moves in the Forex market and oil market happened this week, as well as on what events to pay exceptional attention next week.

Also, check our fresh website news section:



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