A liquidity crisis bursted, the bell of despair rings? ! | WTR 6.13

  • 94%chance of price staying below 26800–32300
  • Global Supply Change
  • Stablecoin Exchange NetPosition
  • Top Tier Stablecoin Supply
  • Non-Zero 30-day Change
  • NUPL
  • Supply Last Active Held by Long-term Holders
  • Supply Last Active Held by Short-term Holders
  • Illiquid Suplly
  • Miner Net Position Change
  • Hodler Net Position Change
  • Long-term Holder Net Position Change
  • Options Open Interest Put/Call Ratio
  • Options Strike Price
  • Liquidation Dominance
  • Leverage
  • Short-term Holder Supply
  • Profit/Loss Transfer
  • Realized Cap HODL Waves
  • Short-Term Holder Supply in Profit
  • BTC Exchange Net Position
  • Stablecoins on Exchange
  • Stablecoin Exchange Net Position
  • ETH Addresses in Profit
  • ETH Addresses with balance 10k-100k
  • ETH Balance on Exchanges
  • ETH No. of Transactions

Weekly Summary



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