100 Days Project — #28

Relient K’s ‘inconsistently crying out for consistency’ has always resonated with me. Actually most of their music has always resonated with me.

Maybe because Relient K proclaims what they lack, and for me, it’s always been consistency. As we speak, I’m writing this post after not picking up the pen for a month.

100 days of words. For me, that translates to 100 intermittent days.

This past week at work, a friend of mine said you won’t strike gold unless you’re hacking away each day. It’s not the one day in a year that makes for a miracle; it’s the slow chipping away at something that’s bound to hit if you’re consistent.

Each day, up to bat. And the home run isn’t planned. But it’s the reward for unrelenting practice. Years of driving a line hard past first, and one day, the bat cracks at your strength. (Of course, this metaphor requires a wooden bat.) Ball’s over the fence; heads turned in wonder.

The metaphor works at work… and I want it to work at home too.

In every relationship I pursue, I’ll seek the hard line past first. Day in and day out, I’ll be there, until it’s the right moment. The “difficult” moment. The moment no one else noticed. And then, like that, the bat will crack.

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