Interactions with My Housemates as I Sit on the Front Porch, Vol. #1

100 Days Project — #22

*The following instances have occurred as I’ve sat on the porch for the last hour.*

Neighbor 1:

Walks out onto porch, halfway nods, “Sup”, continues walking

Walks back onto porch ten minutes later, looks at me, doesn’t say anything, continues walking inside

Neighbor 2:

Walks out, carries on a normal conversation for upwards of 5 minutes, then turns and walks back inside while I’m mid-sentence

Neighbor 3:

Wanders onto porch with friend, both smoking, toting beer, and soaking wet; sets his beer in the chair with my bag. Carries on conversation for upwards of 15 minutes, casually mentions meth and tripping on ‘shrooms, continues to blab without catching my surprise

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