It’s time to gaze into the ol’ crystal ball, say crazy stuff, and hope that no one checks after the fact.

These were my predictions from a year ago:

1. Google kills Google+, buys Twitter, and does an April Fools prank that is so good it causes a national security crisis. This could still happen!

2. Synthetic meat hits the shelves at Whole Foods for the first time. I think this happened?

3. Rio 2016 is an unmitigated logistical disaster, including a food poisoning or contagious infection outbreak that knocks out a huge number of marquee athletes. Logistical snafus, yes. Zika virus, thankfully no.

4. Silicon Valley’s woes come to a head — arrogant CEOs, lack of diversity, shaky state budget, transportation gridlock, social unrest, housing costs — leading to high-profile relocations to Seattle, Austin, and Wilmington. A slow drip.

5. After 7 years of gridlock and obstinacy, President Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress have a really productive last year together, including all kinds of compromises — on immigration, deficit reduction, and energy policy — that confound cynical pundits and a fed-up public alike. Totally correct, if I was in Bizarro world.

6. Africa has its “Arab Spring” moment, as young tech-savvy social activists in country after country seize the global spotlight. Waiting…

Not bad, actually. Let’s peer into 2017:

1. Trump walks back all the trade protectionist talk, much to the chagrin of his core followers. The new base he cultivates: truck drivers angry about autonomous vehicles.

2.Major online security breach leads to huge uptick in high-end credit cards with multiple verification steps, and huge chill in the market for virtual home assistants (e.g. Google Home).

 3. Concussion-related complications for two high-profile QBs — one active, one retired — are the final prod for major rules changes to protect players.

 4. The song of the summer will be an out-of-nowhere mashup of socially conscious hip hop and good ol’ boy country.

 5. A robust year for the global economy and world stock markets, but signs of a pullback at the very end.

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