Turn off highlights, Medium

New to this site, so if anyone else has brought this up — and if there’s some place I can go (no profanity, please) to figure out how to do this, please say so — excuse the repetition. But it’s also an issue I have with Kindle and some other sites: showing me other people’s highlights, as if I can’t make my own decisions about which parts of a story matter most to me.


Why did an engineer somewhere decide it was important for any of us to see what someone else deems important enough to highlight? Are we incapable of independent thoughts? Is it necessary to write algorithms for these things so software engineers can justify their jobs?

But more to the immediate point, how the heck do I turn that feature off here? Settings doesn’t seem to provide that option, and right-clicking only “lets” (forces) me to share someone else’s highlight via another social media platform. Who are these people who think I can’t think for myself, or want someone else’s importances to dictate what’s important to me?

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