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Ok I'm going to do this by age group.
Age 0–5

No freedom. You do what we say. You're with us all the time, but I won't be standing over you.

Age 5–10

More freedom. …

Hi, hello, it’s Luke.

Whether you’re a preteen looking to know more about each social media platform, or an adult looking to connect with their teens more, this article should answer your questions.

1. Facebook.

People that use Facebook are either in their 20s or are the nerdy type teen. They post family pictures and sometimes memes. We all have a Facebook account, but we don’t use it. Those that are active on Facebook are either really annoying or super chill.

2. Snapchat

Every teen uses Snapchat. We mostly post random pictures on our stories or just use it to chat with friends. We don’t really care about the pictures we take here. Snapchat is used for flirting a lot.

How to flirt on Snapchat:

  1. Send a picture to the person and don’t say anything.

2. If…


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