The Butterfly’s Journey

Staring blankly in the sky, this little butterfly flies;

Endless thoughts of past heartaches, keep him awake at night.

Supported by loving parents, he tried to soar above;

Later found himself in a journey in a deserted island.

Amused of his travel, excitement and joy filled his heart;

As friends and families made him smile and satisfied.

New surroundings are wonderful, with a place he calls his home;

His newfound experience is challenging, his mind says keep going on.

But as days go by, he finds himself confused and alone.

Far away from his family, unable to talk of his opinion.

Failed expectations and sudden turn of events,

Silence and disappointment led to dark, cowardly image.

The confidence he used to feel whenever he feels discouraged;

The person he used to lean on when everything is out of hand;

The warmth embrace, suddenly becomes an enormous iceberg;

A wounded heart silently cried; this little butterfly is disregarded.

Regardless of his troubled thoughts, the butterfly remains strong,

While looking for a living, he has to decide on his own.

The confidence he once had, people whom he trusted,

They will stay in his heart no matter how he is burdened.

With his remaining days, he finds his inspiration;

Our Lord God from above, to whom he whispers all his sorrows.

This weak, little butterfly in the deserted island,

Raises his wings and wears his armour to continue his fight.