How to send photo and video taking directly from Galaxy S5 to iphone 6!!

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I will let you know how to send file and video taking directly from android phone to iOS phone.

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There are Galaxy S5's main screen on the left, iPhone 6 on the right. They are connected with the same Wi-Fi. They are shown each other in my friends.

This is a test that sends videos or photos taking directly from Galaxy S5 to iphone 6. I selected the iphone 6 in Galaxy S5 to send files. Galaxy S5 is changed to the transfer screen to send files to each other.

Selecting the camera icon under the transfer screen of Galaxy S5, you can see the pop-up that can take a photo or record video. For this test, I’ll try to take a photo. ( If you want to send video, select “Take a Video”)

Take a photo you want in the camera mode!

After taking a photo, the preview screen is shown. Please, select the paper airplane button on the toolbar, when you verify whether that’s right.

Galaxy S5 is getting ready to send files as soon as you touch the send button. Alarm is shown with the number of the sent files in the iphone 6. I select the device(Galaxy S5) with alarm in the iphone 6.

The screen of iphone 6 is changed to the transfer screen. you can review the file with the thumbnail. I’ll touch “Accept” button to receive the file.

As soon as I touch the accept button, the loading icons that show sending and receiving appear immediately.

The completion icon is shown, when it’s done. iphone 6 has the time that is done.

You can see the file in the current screen at once, selecting the thumbnail of received files.

I will call again with better information.

You can download at

“Google Play Store”

“App Store”



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