11/2 design survey+putting online

11/3–11/5 Start online research — price range/potential competitor etc

11/6–7 Organization of results + statistics

1 Market Survey

1–1 Top ideas

Skyline organizer
Sorting tunnel and corner bag

1–2 NFV test

(1)Corner bag

(2)Skyline organizer

(3)Sorting tunnel

1–3 Survey

(1) Survey design

In this session, google form was utilized and the link was spread via social media.

The focus is mainly on 1. functionality 2. price 3. suggestions and thoughts.

2. Result analysis

In this survey, 18 results were obtained in total.

2–1 Do you see yourself or people around buying this product?

Chart 1: Corner bag

Chart 2: Skyline organizer

Chart 3: Sorting Tunnel

2–2 Product price range

(1) Corner bag

Sample number: 18

Average = 10.85294

Standard Deviation = 11.30509

(2) Skyline organizer

Sample number: 17

Average = 21.34375

Standard Deviation = 13.41233

(3)Sorting tunnel

Sample number: 16

Average = 14.53125

Standard Deviation = 8.804296

2–3 Comments on the design

(1) Corner bag

Table 1: Original comments

Table 2: Statistics

(2) Skyline organizer

Table 3: Original comments

Table 4: Statistics

(3)Sorting tunnel

Table 5: Original comments

Table 6: Statistics

2 Benchmarking 2x2s and Patent Search

2–1 Benchmarking

Step 1:

(1) Skyline shelf

  1. Amazon search keywords: Skyline shelf and Desk shelf

Result 1: Skyline shelf

Result 2: Desk shelf

2. Google search keywords: Skyline shelf

Results: (related items marked in red box)

(2) Sorting tunnel

  1. Amazon and Google search keywords: Tunnel+organizing+desk, funnel+organizing, tunnel+organizing

Results: Nothing related was found, hinting the fact that the idea is very novel. Regular desk organizing items can be used as reference, attached as below.

Amazon result
Google result

(3) Corner bag

  1. Google search: corner+bag+desk, desk+bag, Zipper+corner+organize, desk+organize+bag

Result 1: Corner+desk+bag

Nothing related

Result 2: desk+organize+bag (related items are marked as red)

2. Amazon search: Desk+bag+organize

Step 2:

(1) Corner Bag

(2) Skyline organizer

(3) Sorting tunnel

2–2 Patent Search

(1) Corner shelf

  • Link
  • Patent No. US5002401A
  • Image:

(2) Skyline organizer

  • Link
  • Patent No. US5595428A
  • Image

(3) Sorting tunnel

  • Link
  • Patent No. CN204970059U
  • Image

3 Feasibility Concerns

3–1 Corner bag

3–2 Skyline shelf

3–3 Sorting tunnel

4 Pugh Chart

According to the evaluation above, Skyline shelf was selected to pursue further.

5 Sketch Model + Feedback

5–1 Sketch Model

5–2 Feedback

Notes from the feedback

The feedback of the sketch model-although badly made, was way more positive than which I got from the sketches. People’s main concern is at the point whether things will fall from the back or not.

In the sketch model, because I personally wanted to keep the fidelity, although it was mentioned before, I did not put a seal on the back.

The second concern was about the curved structure. Apparently the function of the curve has brought up some confusion. For this, the structure of the piece will probably not be changed but it will be helpful to add some explanation during marketing process in the future.