Adapting to The New Culture

Joseph Jacquard was a french inventor and merchant. His work, Jacquard loom, contributed to the programmable machine. Apart from having impact on the computer revolution he also impacted on the industrial revolution. Jacquard built a programmable loom. So, we could say he revolutionize the textile industry. Just like every invention during the industry revolution, Jacquard’s loom replaced human effort and replacing human effort is making a percentage of the populace jobless and without income. Through the industrial revolution, there were many inventions that served human needs and replaced the need for humans. Many of these inventions met kick backs. A famous group known as the Luddite were one of such (organized) group that revolted and in some cases members of this group targeted and destroyed machines.

Men vandalizing a Jacquard loom

The thing is this, not everyone has a right perception towards change nor adapts to it. In this world of ours the ‘IT revolution has made change unavoidable’. As an aspiring software developer change is inevitable –there is always a new technology a new programming language, a new stack a new a paradigm or just new acronym. New is cool, new is dandy but the pain comes in when adaptation becomes a thing.

I got my invite for Andela bootcamp 2 weeks ago and the experience so far has been a wide range of impulses. I have had to face my dislikes, I have had to drop and pick new habits, I have had to leave my comfort zone and so many strives towards adaptation. In all, I would say a good perception towards adaptation is key for survival. Permit me to elucidate. Over the weekend I had a wide range of issues with my server side setup from “validation error” to “sequelize connection error”. I didn’t pull through until this morning. After the series of fumbling, installation and reinstallation, fixing bugs, and working on feedback, I now have a good understanding of things I had no idea and didn’t set out to learn. Anyway that has been the process throughout my short experience here in bootcamp. I’ve only stayed a short period here in Andela as a ‘bootcamper’ but within this period I have learned things that seemed herculean and the only reason I have survived is having the right perception.

A good mindset while trying to tackle a (software devlopment) challenge could be highlighted as:

  1. A challenge will only make you better.
  2. Manage emotions.
  3. Reachout.
  4. Ask questions and get feedback.
  5. Get informed, Learn
  6. Internet is a friend, Google is a dear.
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