Andela Bootcamp: The Unexpected

It’s my belief that there is a time that things change gear, I am right in that stage. Anyway, we all saw this change. I wouldn’t be calling it change because many Nigeria perceive “change” as negative -if you know what I mean. We were notified that the last day for week 1 as Friday is actually tentative. The tentativeness was due to the Eid festival. One thing, the impact of this change is palpable.

Bootcamp pushes you when it comes to learning and the Facilitators are not shy to admit it. You’re giving a daunting task and the limit is alarming and the bar is raised high. In the middle of all this an eventuality happens; I think this is expected in life. You can’t expect situation to fly like a crow.

There is also something noticeable, every one is either working, getting help, and giving help. The part of helping is actually beautiful, I will give examples. I and Tobi, a team member, had some issues agreeing on the GitFlow Workflow. So, amidst this we met an LFA and his help brought it to light. Secondly, with the help of our LFA and another fellow, which also happens to be a learning facilitator, we were able to get a good knowledge of a complex database scenario -2 tables seeming to have 2 many-to-many relationship?! but the succinct explanation made us see the approach properly. Andela has core values it’s called EPIC (Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Collaboration). I should write post in future on EPIC, but one thing I will chip here is the H I perceive in EPIC, and that H is HELP fellows are always willing to help it’s like they are waiting for you right there. I can almost forget this guys have schedule. Presently, my LFA’s system just messed up like mine did some days ago -That’s the unexpected. Hope it comes up.

This has to be short because tomorrow is the end of the beginning. Just to let you know my day’s work has been research, install, work and work. I didn’t expect this but that’s what I call the unexpected. The funny thing is I am cool with it, and remember not too much confidence not too much fear.

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