4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

No, you are wrong. While we do appreciate the chaotic properties of Trump’s victory over both left and right establishments, a great many of us support him because he at least says he is going to do some pragmatic things like stopping illegal immigration, deporting criminal aliens, bringing industry back to our shores, lowering our tax rates, helping the black community to achieve the greatness so long denied them by the establishment, and uniting us as Americans. Hillary and Trump’s Republican opponents were just offering us more of the same things that have led to the deep sense of disillusionment felt not only by evil “angry white cis males” but also by every single special snowflake identity group the left works overtime to divide the country up into. The left attempts to focus this disillusionment on some nebulous oppression, the right attempts to focus it on some nebulous oppression by the left, and Trump gives us tangible things and a to-do list to focus it on.

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