Trump Instructs Family To Lie Under Oath By Holding Hand An Inch Over Bible
Allan Ishac

The problem is with the American People is that even faced with unmistakable truth, they still would not admit they were wrong about DT. When I landed on this soil, I realized that most Americans are like sheep ( sorry sheep!). If things were the same in Europe, the people would go to the streets by the millions! We need to get rid of the racist Electoral Vote and stop all Gerry mandering and voters suppression. We have now an obvious fascist dictator and the GOP and some Democrats supporting him. Without their facilititating, DT would not even have the power he has. So we get false hopes with the news of supposedly healthy economy with Wall street that will soon collapse..WTF are people so stupid and blind that they don’t see what is going on? Don’t they realize that they are contributing to their own demise? When the enviroment is no longer sustaining us, the very rich will not be able to use their money to save themselves from catastrophe.

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