Create a user interface to educate about the Roboto font.

Roboto is a typeface developed by Christian Robertson, an interface designer at Google. It originally debuted in Googles Candy bar OS and has since been used in many different styles across the Google ecosystem. Google describes the font as “modern, yet approachable” and “emotional”.

As soon as you land on the page, you instantly get a feel for the simplistic, modern, clean nature of the typeface. The font boasts confidence with a white fill on a dark night backdrop. As you scroll down, your eyes are filled with color, showcasing the fonts ability to stand out in different contrasts.

The green backdrop is the coast of California, the home of Google. The ABC’s show you the font at its largest, and smallest forms.

In this section, we explore the versatility of Roboto. From Bold, Condensed, Light and Thin, this font can stand on its own, or stand out in a crowd.

Here, you can see how rounded shapes, and flat colours go hand in hand with Roboto. Roboto was designed alongside a material interface, and this section helps you feel how the font casually mingles with graphics.

Process and Learns:
The spacing was the hardest part of this UI design. Some letters of this font are taller than others, so lots of adjustments needed to be made to the leading and tracking in most headings, and took lots of time to re-adjust if a problem occurred. In future designs, I need to improve on adjusting text blocks, and avoiding “orphans” and also centering and aligning paragraphs.