tldr; a build script should achieve several things; it can build and test your code locally, it can run (virtually unchanged) on a build server and it should be easy to understand for the developer of the application.

The Huddle Desktop application is written in C# for Windows and Mac. With CAKE we can finally have a single cross-platform build script, written in the language used to develop the actual application.

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What Is CAKE?

Cake (C# Make) is a cross-platform build system using a C# DSL — built on top of the Roslyn compiler and available on Windows, Linux and macOS ( …

Update: a video of my presentation is now available in the NDC Conferences area on vimeo,

NDC Oslo 2018

Before I witter on about my small part at NDC, I must take a moment to thank the NDC Conference team, and the agenda committee for creating a fabulous event.

It takes a huge amount of work and preparation to create an interesting agenda, and then make sure everything falls into place getting speakers and delegates from around the world to enjoy a smooth running conference that has a real community feel where everyone mingles and chats over a coffee or some food.

As a speaker, the ability to chat to people who had seen my presentation in a relaxed environment is especially welcome. …

tldr; JavaScript really has taken over everything, it may be configuring your proxy server settings, via a PAC file, and if you use the full .NET Framework you may find your application cannot reconnect to the internet automatically after a network connection is restored. You have to redetect the settings with GetSystemWebProxy when your application is back online.

Note : This does not affect .NET Core.

Stanley Kubrick once said,

‘If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed’

Which was possibly borrowed by Jeff Atwood to coin a new Atwood’s Law,

‘any application that can be written in…


Liam Westley

.NET wrangler, Application Architect at Huddle, ex .NET MVP, speaker at user groups and conferences. Keen on cheese.

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