The Presence of Evil
Andrew Robinson

Hi Dr. Robinson. I was a student in your engineering physics course during the Winter 2016 semester. I’ve been following your blog rather habitually ever since as your writing has captivated me. I only felt the need to create an account and comment after reading this article in particular as I find it very intriguing. I had yet to meet, personally, an academic with such a strong scientific background who was open to religion or otherwise spiritual ideas. I have often debated these subjects with my “non-scientific” friends, where I take what is essentially a Richard Dawkins-esque approach — essentially a “show me the evidence” argument. Though I remain very skeptical of what they claim to have been spiritual encounters, I certainly don’t dismiss them as fairy tales, nor do I think they are lying about their experiences. I do, however, find those types of beliefs far more interesting when they come from a scientific academic whose evidence-based training seemingly contradicts the entire notion.

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