Loved ❤ ️your post Liam!
Giorgos Psistakis

Guidelines todayrevolve around finding the balance between giving each writer their own identity — making it clear that they shouldn’t “try to do marketing” but just write as themselves — and at the same time create quick resources for expressing our culture.

For example, I discourage the use of “We” unless it explicitly refers to every single person in Algolia. “We” aren’t proud of this project, “I” am. “We” don’t build a hosted Search API, “Algolia” does. “We” didn’t write the guidelines, the content team did. “We” occasionally break this rule, but it helps to guide writers in thinking about what they want to say.

I also encourage removing phrases like “in my opinion” (it is your article, so it is your opinion) and asking questions in headers (answer the question instead).

The more our content team learns from working with various writers, the more we try ot distill down that education into a self-serve resource to help anyone get up and writing quickly and confidently.

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