Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

People wonder why journalists and developers are “apologists” for what audience see as the worst behavior. I don’t believe, as you aptly do in your own post, these groups approve of the behavior, but what other choice do they have when the internet is, well, doing what it does and creating a witch hunt. Frankly they know the inside complexities and nuances that people either don’t want to hear or can’t understand, and when there is a horde beating against a fellow insiders gate, it doesn’t seem like the time for measured criticism admist the bedlam; it is the time to try to explain and empathize, to stem the tide of rancor and just incredible hatred. So yeah, thank you. As much as I like people like Jim Sterling and Total Biscuit, they can be both a voice or reason, a sharp and necessary criticism, and kindling on the fire, an extra angry voice where criticism tempered by understanding should be instead.

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