Do It For You, Not For Your Mom

Every day — every breathing second of every single moment — you must do what makes you happy. That’s just life. It’s both that simple, and that complicated; both that painful, and that soothing.

Life is one bad motherfucker. But it’s also the most beautiful thing you’ll ever have. Fact.

But Your Mom’s Beautiful Too, Right?

Right. You bet your ass she is.

Your mother is an amazing human being. Without her, you wouldn’t be sat here right now, reading this article article with your thumb up your ass, daydreaming about better days to come and simpler ones that have gone.

Without her, you wouldn’t be able to smile; you wouldn’t be able to laugh. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to sit on a beach beneath the hot sun, burying your feet in the warmth of the sand. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to watch a movie indoors when it’s dark and rainy outside. You wouldn’t know the deepest depths of creativity, and how freeing it feels to present yourself in a whole host of different ways.

You wouldn’t know what it means to be a human being. How and why? Because you simply wouldn’t be one. Without your amazing mom, you wouldn’t be here on this earth to sit among the good and the bad; the brutal and the sweet, and after being here to live it, that’s the most terrifying thought in the world.

So yes, your mom is beautiful.

And that’s exactly why you need to break her heart.

To Blossom, First You Have To Grow

There are going to be things in life that you don’t want to do. Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there before and I still go there every single week. That’s just life. Don’t hate that part of the process. This is a journey; this is a jigsaw puzzle — every fragment counts.

Your mom was there too.

She had to do things in her life that she didn’t want to do. She had to endure the pressure of her parents, and had to listen to them projecting their opinions on pretty much everything she did. She was your age once. She remembers life before she had a child, but she’ll never again live it.

That’s why she’s hard on you sometimes.

She’s scared. She’s scared that friends and family members will think she’s a failure. She won’t just be judged based on her life, she’ll be judged based on yours too. That’s why she feels compelled to press you. That’s why she wants you to achieve success as early as possible.

You know why she wants you to get a job and make shit happen? Because that’s how it was back then. Chances are, the internet wasn’t a thing when your mom grew up. And if it was, it was nothing like the global phenomenon it is now. She is old-school. Like many parents, she’s stuck in the ways of the past.

And that’s okay, so long as you pay zero attention to her.

It comes down to this notion of success. And do you know what the sad part is? Your mom, and the majority of the people who are judging her, see success as a destination, not a journey.

If You Don’t See Success As A Journey, You May As Well Lay On The Gurney

I just made that shit up on the spot. And do you know what? It’s my new fucking mantra in life.

Success has nothing to do with anything, or anyone, but you. It’s not a material thing. It’s not a nice car or a big house or a yacht… it’s none of that shit. It’s not the opinions of others, or how much money you make, or how many businesses you own. None of it.

So forget what your mom thinks. Forget what her friends think. Forget what your friends think. Forget what society thinks. Forget it all. And instead, remember what success means to you.

It’s real simple.

Success takes place in your mind, heart, and soul, day in and day out, and is nothing other than how you feel. If you’re living life doing the shit you love, and are incredibly happy about that, then congrats. You’ve won life. You aren’t successful. You are success.

Successful is an adjective. Success is a noun. Don’t be described by success.

Instead, become it. Own it. And live in the truth of your goddamn happiness.


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