2 sisters and a brother

Growing up a boy with two older sisters, you learn a lot, and in a rather unique way. Siblings aways seem to have a special connection with each other that you typically don’t experience with just average friends. The relationship between an older and younger sibling generally follows the same principle. Often you get along, but many times the younger sibling aspires to be like the older sibling, while the older sibling can’t stand to tolerate the younger one. This balance becomes even more delicate when you add varying genders into the mix.

When I was younger, my oldest sister Elizabeth was always an incredible athlete. I saw this characteristic and it resonated with me as something that I had to be able to achieve as well. I admired her ability to be so in command on the field, while an admirable citizen off the field. She seemed to always know the coolest or best idea and I would always end up copying her. As the years went on I began to become closer with my other older sister Ali. She has always been quieter than Elizabeth and me, and always smarter. However, as we got older and she began to become a force of an athlete as well, I watched in awe from the sidelines as my two sisters dominated the lacrosse field.

As we all became to share a bond of athletics, we came incredibly close. Growing up with two sisters being a younger boy is a very interesting dynamic. Often you would end up being the mannequin in the dress up game, and too often you end up surrounded by all girls. People say growing up with sisters makes you more feminine, but in reality it makes you understand what its like to have a relationship with a girl and how to treat them. Personally, I think growing up with sisters helps in all situations with girls my own age because I can relate having seen two role models go through the same process.

Growing up with two sisters I consider was a blessing. In a house with 3 woman and 2 men, you learn the balance of power in a house and understand how girls more often than not are more practical and you should let them lead. Not only did my two sisters make me better prepared for dealing with woman in the world, it showed me how relationships can change yet the goal is always the same.