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Good evening Re/Verb. I am a long time reader and recent writer to Medium. That being said, I am no stranger to writing about film, music, television, and pop culture.

When I was 15, I started a tumblr @ which peaked at 1300 followers. I went on hiatus to focus on my high school studies.

Now that I am starting university, I have high aspirations in the field of media writing, but in all honesty, I just love music.

My blog covered all aspects of popular culture including music, so feel free to give that a look over. Furthermore, I have dabbled in song production, and would very much like to write weekly segments outlining the music I enjoyed for that week.

I have interests across many music genres, from hip-hop, R&B, EDM, Country etc. I would love to be an active Medium writer across all forms of media, and I think I can contribute solid content and engaging material for your collection.

Feel free to email me at

I am currently drafting a series of posts to release over the next few months, so my new Medium account will seem scarce at the moment. If you wish to see any more examples of my writing beyond my blog as proof of my passion, feel free to message me :)

Thanks, again.

Liam Luangrathrajasombat

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