David Lagana

Max Landis is an often infuriating voice in the far reaches of social media. But….dammit, he’s passionate, he offers a breadth of ideas and has that unique ‘something’ that makes you listen/watch/read. His sequel idea for Chronicle sounded so very different to the factory production line of superhero movies currently on offer.

He has a loud and identifiable voice — and that makes him valuable to the creative endeavour.

I left film school (well, film studies) over 10 years ago. Through a sea of mortgages, marriage, bills and life, I forgot what it took to create….work, effort, determination.

Today…I blog.

I’m working on that epic slasher trilogy that has festooned in my brain sewer for over four years.

I try. And that’s all I can ask for.

Cheers for the reminder, Dave.


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