An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I applaud your courage in speaking out and am discussed by the conduct of your former employer. The greed and stupidity of corporate culture today is outrageous. Vote for Bernie Sanders and start campaigning for a Living wage for all. Those that say your position was an entry level position that doesn’t require a a college degree, simply ignore the reality of the situation that Employers have created. The CEO’s who parade themselves as benevolent yet have starving staff should be exposed for the con artists they are. You are not responsible for setting up job opportunities in places Rents are high. Employers who treat you like a slave should have the hands cut off and the heads on the chopping block. The fact the USA does not have universal health care and expects Employers to pay private health insurance is not your fault. Health care is a right in most pluralist social democracies but the US Political system has been corrupted to the core by powerful corporate interests who have no concern for your health at all.

The fact some people have little sympathy for your experience because they have had even worse employment conditions than you did does not diminish the validity of your complaint. It simply highlights there is an even bigger problem. Democracy requires participation and the situation many young people in America are experiencing which is grossly unfair, makes participation in the economy, political process and life in general virtually impossible.

You could try sharing a house or you could try house sitting to reduce you living costs. There are various ways you could use your writing skills to gradually increase your income. Why not give some of them a go? Become an Entrepreneur yourself and remember every detail of your past bad experiences when you employ people in the future. try getting a few Freelancers jobs to gain experience and set up your own Facebook Business page.

CEO’s that make millions don’t build a company on their own but they do have ultimate responsibility for the conduct of their business. Your former Employer should be ashamed of themselves and their company policies and good on you for highlighting their hypocrisy.

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