Thoughts on plagiarism

When I was a young boy back in middle school, many students, including my own friends, have committed the act of plagiarism in the assignments that they had to hand in. This made me wonder, what is the point of plagiarism and why would you want to do it?

Plagiarism, as we may know, is an act of taking a person’s work and using them as your own idea. For instance, Jane Goodall, a scientist that is known for working with chimpanzees for most of her life. One of her book “Seeds of Hope”, were noticed by the Washington Post to have contained several passages that was used without attribution.

So this brings me to my question, what is the point of plagiarism? We all know that if we use plagiarism, especially in high school, we will having a harder time in the future since we haven’t improved our skills in work at all. For example, if we plagiarise year seven to year ten in maths by taking the answers off our friends, we will struggle in year eleven and twelve because we haven’t hammered down the basics. Is it for the grades that the parents always wants or personal satisfaction?

Also, why do people plagiarise even though they know the consequences that could occur if they get caught? If a person gets found out that they plagiarised and has a good reputation among their peers. The trust and expectation that everyone has on them will shatter.

For me, I have never plagiarised anything in my life. I always tend to finish my work even if I will hand it in late or know I’m going to get a bad grade. Why? Because, I always aim to improve and go to the top just like at my middle school. But who knows, someday it might happen, maybe not intentionally but the possibility always remain for me and everyone as well.

Now, I would like to ask if you or anyone you know have ever tried to plagiarised before and why you or they would do it. Life is always full of problems and plagiarisms is just one of them.