Siri, I enjoy not liking you…

Apple and other vendors are pushing built-in voice command dictation interfaces. This isn’t going away, nor should it. It is a logical step forward and this is an exciting step.

I have been producing web sites since 1995. Towards the late 1990’s, accessibility became an important component in UX. Title tags for screen readers, CSS text switchers for enlarging type size, to name a few. Move forward a number of years and it seemed the need for accessibility had waned. Mostly to pave the way for more focus on the design interface, forward again to responsive sites for mobile use, and accessibility all but disappeared.

By this time Siri started to make a quiet appearance in iOS/X. People had mixed emotions. Various nuances, foreign languages, and those with speech impediments, where/are unable to use such a feature.

I was one of the first to be a use test case for Dragon Dictate(one of the first voice recognized software for voice recognition,, in it’s first development phase, due to the fact that I have a impediments(PS; don’t use the word ‘stutter’… just don’t), the software failed(this was no surprise to me).

Moving forward once again, I have limited speech capabilities, however enter Siri, of which has zero, yet many capabilities to only to hear over and over again… “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean”

This comes full circle around to accessibility, by which vendors and developers do not take into account.

The hardest word for me to say is my own name.

I fully agree and support the move towards voice interfaces. But as OSX, and other operating systems is moving towards devices that use audio input interaction, I am simply not able to utilize this component at all, and this isolates me(and others with various voice impairments). I again come around to the accessibility aspect.

I simply not am unable to use such input within a built-in interface thy is by and large the future of device interfaces… That will not allow me(and others), to effectively use such interfaces.

No fault of the developers of course. How can one predict such voice anomalies?

Siri, when I say my own name, your response is: “I’m sorry , I don’t understand what you are saying…”… This only feels embarrassment on behalf of the user, myself.

In closing I say once again, Siri… I enjoy not liking you.