During a project of this size I knew I was always going to encounter some problems along the way, the first being the fact that I underestimated how difficult it would be to build a website like this requiring database functionality, PHP and a lot of backend work. Very early into the coding stage of the project I knew it would be a real challenge to code all of the planned features, especially the ability to login/register and create player reviews. Although I wanted to push myself and improve my coding ability I do think I took on a little too much work considering the fact that I know my competitors’ websites were built by a group of people with google knowledge of PHP. I found that a I was spending much more time debugging my code than actually coding and could have benefitted with a fresh pair of eyes to spot errors that I couldn’t see.

The database provided me with another challenge as the original plan was to use the full FUT database of silver players. After multiple positive chats with the creator of FUTWIZ on skype he offered to send me an edited version of the full database, removing all gold and bronze cards and leaving the 6,000 silver players. After months of trying to get hold of the database he was too busy to help me out. Luckily I had already planned out a smaller, similar database that I could create myself just in case I couldn’t get hold of the full database. While this wasn’t an ideal situation it definitely taught me that you can’t rely on other people to always pull through for you during a project so you should always plan for every possibility.

Most of the other challenges were all code related. There were various points during the coding stage that I needed to use websites like ‘stackoverflow.com’ in order to solve simple problems that I just couldn’t work out how to solve myself. I had issues for a while with the menu because two of the drop downs were standard lists and the other two were full-width bars. The content within the full-width bars was constantly sticking to the position of the menu item and I couldn’t find the CSS to centre it. After asking for help on stackoverflow I found the CSS that I needed, a simple ‘left: -numberpx’ to shift the menu an exact amount of pixels over to the left. All of my other code related challenges were either because of my lack of knowledge or small errors that I just didn’t notice.