FUTSILVERS Future Development

As this is a project I plan on taking further after university there are plenty of things I’d like to finish or improve in the future. The first of these is the ability to Login/Register as it would enable me to develop a lot of the other features I wasn’t able to complete. I want users to be able to create an account in order to vote player pages up or down, create and edit player reviews and also include information on a profile such as their Xbox Live Gamertag or Playstation Network Tag to set up silver matches with other users.

User accounts would then allow me to work on the player review feature. This was one of the features that I was probably most excited about but wasn’t able to complete because it was so complex. The idea was to allow users who were logged in the ability to write player reviews with a number of different text boxes given to them in order to write about the different stats of a player along with positives and negatives. This text would then be displayed in a nice layout to make every review look fairly similar.

With more knowledge of PHP I would also like to improve the ‘All Silver Players’ feature. Rather than having seperate pages of silvers that are already sorted for your, the ‘5 star skill silvers’ page for example, it would be great to give users a sorting feature so they could sort all of the silvers themselves. This would allow users to sort all silvers within the database by stats for example to rank the players by pace, or view all midfielders. Similarly, this code could also be used to create a ‘Similar Player’ feature for every player page in order to show a number of similar players based on an algoryth to show players of the same position and relatively similar stats.

It would probably also be worth transferring all of my code into a PHP framework like CodeIgniter or CakePHP. My original plan was to use CodeIgniter rather than plain old PHP but after multiple attempts at the tutorial I couldn’t get it to work. I do however realise why a framework would be useful if I made my site live because it would protect from mySQL injection where someone can insert a mySQL statement to be run on your database without your knowledge and even delete your database fields.

The responsiveness of my site is something else that I’d need to work on if I was to make my site live on the internet. Currently the site works perfectly on a 1920x1080 screen with standard 100% chrome zoom but results vary on different size screens. As my knowledge of HTML and CSS was fairly rusty when I started coding the main layout of the website I wasn’t even thinking about responsiveness. In the future, I would like to recode certain parts of my website with responsiveness in mind first. For mobile however I would rather create an app.

If I do make my site live eventually it would definitely be worth me pursuing different ways in which I could make money from my website. The most obvious method would be Google Ads which some of my competitors like Futhead for example use.

Lastly is my website’s social media. Although I’ve already created Futsilvers Facebook and Twitter pages, I decided not to post on them simply because I wasn’t planning on making my website live anytime soon. Essentially I didn’t want to disappoint people as I knew I probably wasn’t going to have all the features finished. I will however start posting on these pages, as well as create some videos on my YouTube channel if the website ever gets to a stage in which I think I can make it live.

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