Before starting to code my website I wanted to create a holding page so that potential users could be directed to my url and for now view links to my Futsilvers social media accounts and designs on invision. I bought both urls ‘Futsilvers.com’ and ‘Futsilvers.co.uk’. I decided to buy both with the ‘.co.uk’ directing the user to the ‘.com’ because I knew based on my YouTube analytics that potential users wouldn’t just be from the UK and would likely be from around Europe and the US.

For my holding page all I wanted to create was something simple using the same colour scheme as the digital wireframes and also including some of the designs for users to see. I also wanted it to be a little different with some sort of hover animation on the designs that will then link to Invision.

I first coded the header using the HTML header tag with some divs inside for the my logo, the ‘coming soon’ text and the social media icons. I used CSS to style the divs with my colour scheme and then centered everything for a clean look.

Next I took two of my digital wireframes, the homepage and the player page, and used photoshop to put them in a browser template. Below is the result that I wanted to show on my holding page and link to Invision.

The finished holding page which can be seen at ‘www.Futsilvers.com’.

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