FUTSILVERS Target Audience

While most FUT players will want to obtain the very best players and aim for the likes of Ronaldo and Messi, that can get rather boring and expensive. I started playing FUT in 2009 and immediately wanted to obtain Ronaldo and Messi but got bored using the best players very quickly. That’s where silver players come in. These players are much cheaper than gold players and in some people’s eyes more fun to use. There are many FUT community websites that cater for the average player who wants to obtain the very best but nothing to cater for this specific niche of silver users. Even EA’s own tutorial videos only show gold players with little to no mention of silver players.

With thousands of silver players to use it’s not always easy to decide which players perform well when used in online games. I want users to be able to come to Futsilvers.com, search for a specific player and then read reviews before deciding if they want to buy that player from the transfer market. While this may sound odd to someone that doesn’t play games or doesn’t play FUT, this is no different to a scenario in which someone goes to TripAdvisor to look at reviews before booking a holiday or TechRadar before buying a new phone. The only difference is that this is a game, albeit a very popular one.

In terms of a target audience, with 22 million FUT players, all of those could be considered a potential user. Realistically only 1% of players use silver players, still leaving 2.2 million people, in which it could also be argued that the other 99% could be converted into silver users after coming accross my site.

Putting these huge figures aside, the main reason for choosing to make this website is that I know of much smaller communities of players that, like me, use silvers and would definitely use my site. In 2009 I started a YouTube channel in which I provided silver based FIFA content to help people choose the right players for their teams. Similar to tech review videos but instead of reviewing a graphics card, I’d review a specific player or team of players within FIFA. After a couple of years my channel grew with 10,000 subscribers and over 1 million video views, a figure that is still growing to this day. I know for a fact that these subscribers and viewers would definitely use my website and I also know the sort of features or content these same users would want.

Lastly, I know of even more potential users from the EA’s FIFA forums. Within these forums there is an incredibly active thread called ‘The Silver Lounge’ where users discuss silver players and teams. In the last 6 months this specific thread has received 483,000 views with 33,000 comments showing that this is a great niche to base my website around.