(unfinished) What are my learning goals? WEB14204

What do I want to get out of this unit/project?

  • I want to learn more about the use of wireframing techniques in order to support possible design ideas. This would be extremely useful because it would allow me to find alternative solutions and help me gain a better understanding of the most effective ways to plan out my design ideas. I aim to achieve this goal by researching new effective wireframing techniques and possibly the use of paper-prototyping as well.
  • Develop my knowledge of Illustrator. At the moment, while I feel I have a great knowledge of Photoshop, I want to learn how to use Illustrator more effectively while working on web projects. In order to achieve this I will watch Illustrator tutorials on both YouTube and Lynda. This is a learning goal which I know I will have achieved when I feel just as confident using Illustrator as I do Photoshop.
  • 1 more learning goal here…..

Why are these goals important to me?

  • As a student…?
  • As a person…?
  • As a creative professional…?

Where do I currently stand?

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • How I intend to develop them further
  • Who I admire/learn from?

How do I intend to achieve my goals?

  • Small steps towards making it happen
  • How do I learn best? What hinders my learning?
  • What am I proud of in my learning/wish I could do better?
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