Dance In Claire`s Eyes

A girl by the name of Claire Potosky first saw the light of day on September 29th, 1997 at exactly 3:00pm on the dot. Claire is a girl who loves to dance and has been dancing her entire life. As a senior at Camden Catholic High School, she has been on the dance team here for four years and while she looks on to college she wonders, will I continue pursuing my love for dance? It looks like we are about to find out.

Claire was born in Mercer County Hospital in Hamilton, New Jersey. Her family resided in Hamilton until Claire was about 4 years old and from there they moved to Cherry Hill. She attended Ressurection Catholic School until age 14, and then after graduating she moved on to high school at Camden Catholic. Claire is very enthusiastic when talking about her time at RCS, “Hells yeah, go Rams” she exclaims. Today, she lives at home in her little blue house in Cherry Hill with her dad, her mom, her brother, and her dog Oscar. Growing up, she was an all star athlete in soccer, T ball, basketball, field hockey, and of course dance.

Claire is very passionate about dance. I would assume that one would have to be passionate about something if they`re going to do it for almost their whole life so far. As claire talks about how she is compared to the other girls in her dance classes, I can see that this is a subject she thinks about alot. She says that as she got older and moved on to the more advanced classes it was hard to keep up. She wanted to focus on the school dance team and be more involved in that and as she began to juggle both, one was slipping from her grasp. This was her advanced dance classes.

Being involved in something that she loved at her new school was important to Claire. We all have to make decisions like this sometimes and they’re definitely tough. We must decide what we want to invest our time in more and that is exactly what she did. Claire decided that making new friends was important to her as it would be to anyone. She enjoyed her new friends and her new dance team because she was good at dance and it was something new and exciting in their young lives. As she explains this, I don’t sense any tone of regret in her voice and I can tell that she is happy with her decision overlooking the effects it brought on her dancing abilities.

Now Claire begins to look back on her four years of school dance as she approaches the end of senior year. Whether it was pep rallies, football games every friday night, or holiday performances, she was always in the spotlight for dance. Therefore when she began to fall behind with her involvement outside of school she did not like it. Claire loved dance from such a young age and now she was determined to catch up.

I asked her what she was thinking about moving on to college and would she pursue further into her passion of dance or would she let it go. At first, she was not giving a very solid answer, but then her real feelings began to shine through. She still has the same love for dance and would love to pursue it in college but is hesitant and a little bit scared. One of her top choices for college is Rutgers University in New Brunswick New Jersey. At Rutgers, they have the Mason Gross school of the Arts. This school is one of the most prestigious performing arts school in our area. Only the most exceptional performers are accepted which adds some nerves and pressure to Claire when she considers auditioning. If it were me i would be going nuts, as would most people, but for Claire it is more normal because of how long she has been studying and learning the art of dance.

In order to be accepted into this program, one must be very diverse in their dancing styles. Claire has studied ballet, freestyle, and most recently with the Camden Catholic dance team, hip hop. Today, Hip Hop is a very popular form of dance and one that is also very difficult to be skilled in. For the past four years, I have been at most of these pep rallies and friday night football games that Claire has performed at. Me being someone who does not know much about the technicalities of dance, i have even still been able to see her progress and can definitely recognize how she feels about it. A lot of her current friends are apart of the dance team and one can always see Claire in the dance studio for several hours after school perfecting her moves and studying further and further into what she does.

I tried my best to encourage her to go through with the audition for the mason Gross school and I hope that she decides too. When people can pursue their passion and make a life out of it is something truly remarkable. I really hope that Claire exploits her talents and does go on to audition and is accepted into this very prestigious program. I believe that it would be a great experience for her from what I’ve learned about her interviewing her and she has inspired me to look more into myself and reflect on what my passions are.