Liam Shalon
Apr 19, 2015 · 2 min read

Education has become one of the most questioned topics in today’s society. Technology’s role in school is always on the hot seat. Although many schools strive to introduce and maintain technology in the everyday classroom, many teachers require notebooks, binders, and pencils.

Notebooks, paper, and pencils are not the future. Having to slug around extra weight for little capability will soon be discarded and replaced by software.

But, why hasn’t it yet? Why do most students use a paper planner or no planner at all? The answer is simple: nothing is good enough. For the paper lovers, it is permanence. It doesn’t suddenly, without warning, magically disapear. For the mental keepers, it’s the quickness. Entering in new assignments, editing, and marking them complete within a second.

“I’ve started using Plant as a planner, which is like 10x better than physically writing down assignments or events on paper!”

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Why Is Plant Big For Students and Education?

Plant is focused on becoming the biggest productivity tool for students. It’s simple, fast, and easy to use with no set up required.

It’s cheaper than a paper planner, and goes with you wherever you are. It is mobile, capable, and faster to use than a normal paper planner. It’s cleaner and simpler than all software competitors, and more beautiful and dedicated to students than any task reminder app.

The reason why Plant has the potential to become the next big app on every student’s phone is because it is focused on it’s users. Other tools and apps are built with a large focus on teachers and schools. Plant innovates for students and students only.

The last thing to take into consideration is that Plant marks a new era for good software made for students. Today, students are forced to used poorly created software that lacks user friendly features. Current apps take a full 60 seconds to refresh your grades. A separate school social network is required for class updates, and paper is wasted for everything in between. There are so many students in this world, yet such a small amount of good software for them in and at school.

The future is here.

Plant launches in August, 2015!

Get texted a download link the day it launches. Just click here.

Created for students by students ❤ |

-Liam Shalon

Liam Shalon

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Entrepreneur, Designer, Developer.

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