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Arriving into Delhi train station early morning and seeing the commuters scurrying around like millions of ants crawling all over the trains (people spilling out of the windows to piling on top of the carriages) — the sheer number of people makes you stop and stare in bewilderment.

As you drive along the streets heading to Agra, Northern India you pass by the dusty, dirty and crowded roads with cars, trucks, people, cows, tea stands and rubbish all vying to claim their place in a land where space is one of the biggest commodities.

Walking from the grotty street you pass through a narrow-arched walkway. You arrive and it feels as if you have stepped through into a magical kingdom. You look ahead and the sight literally takes your breath…

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For me it’s not just about the destination but it’s also about the journey.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, your age, your circumstances- when we hear the word ‘Travel’ everyone has their take on it.

It’s always a topic of discussion at dinner parties or in the workplace. It’s the advertisements enticing us on a daily basis and those tropical images that we conjure up in our minds that make up our innermost dreams.

Travel has become part of our day to day lives. We are now travelling for leisure, for work, for education and for love.

Is it the quest for knowledge, the path to self-discovery, the chance to escape the humdrum of our lives that we hate or the desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves and what we know…? …

Getting it out of your system (literally)!

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Pack up and travel, start that business, live your dream- you never know until you try it…

So I was sitting in the waiting area at the doctors a few months ago and the waiting area was full. I was sitting in between 2 people and had a set of 3 chairs in front of me, all occupied as well. The gentlemen directly opposite me didn’t look too fabulous and the longer we all waited, the less healthy he looked.

After about a 30 minute wait my name was called and now (pretend this is a movie in slow motion) as I stood up and stepped to the side, the guy in front of me projectile vomited straight into the seat I had just been sitting in! …

Chicken or Fish…?

The Life of an Air Hostess

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Welcome to my Medium Blog page. It is lovely that you have arrived here.

You know, with all the choices we have in front of us each day, I am so happy that you have chosen to spend a couple of minutes of your day with me- Lia.

So let me introduce myself to you- I am a Private Jet Flight Attendant and former owner of a dance company Studio Samba. My life is ALL about travel, yoga, chasing the sun and coffee!

I used to have a blog tailored to dancers- inspiring yet showing the hilarious and crazy life of a dancer (not too different from that of a Flight Attendant!) …


Lia Muniz

Travel - Inspiration - Yoga… I am a Private Jet Flight Attendant, World Traveler and Yoga Lover. 'Make the Most of your Journey'.

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