I burned my first startup to the ground. Here are some hard lessons learned.
Omer Goldberg

Great story! I think one of the most important lessons to me is that you did not have a strategic plan when you started. This plan takes time and effort to put together, but during this process you would have aligned your mission and vision, and developed with your other co-founders an agreed upon path with concrete milestones and deadlines, or you would have realized that the team was not going to work early on. I have seen many companies get into real trouble because they are not aligned on what the company is and where they want to take it, from founders to family-owned business to multinationals. In reading your story it seems the root cause was a lack of alignment among the founders that cascaded to all aspects of the company coupled with another cardinal mistake of startups, “if you build it, they will come.” Thank you for sharing your story. A failed venture is a badge of honor among entrepreneurs that provides valuable lessons learned for the next go-around.