So don’t vote for HRC because she may not be 100% aligned with your environmental vision — even…
Mairic James

Bernie Sanders has to stand behind her bc he wont stand for Trump bc anyone w compassion won’t. This article doesn’t say one time that they are not voting her for they simply stated what not only they want to see but hundreds of millennials bc in about a decade or two this will be OUR generation living in this mess the generations and politicians before us has ruined and left us. So with that being said we NEED to pay our environment a lot of attention we can’t breath money and oil and bombs unfortunately and our planet is sick and HRC needs to cut the fracking bullshit and be consistent w it. To be quite honest HRC is not any better then Trump and you can personally thank me bc i won’t be voting rep or dem for my first year voting bc i will not ever let on that its okay to lie steal cheat and murder and pay your way to the top ! NOPE ! So yes this generation can be “ idealistic and young ” but we are also WOKE af and ambitious . I canvassed and phone banked for Bernie Sanders bc i believed in the plan that he had for this country and he was HONEST & CONSISTENT , i would do the same for HRC but i do not believe her or in her. HRC is a war hawk so if you don,t think were gonna be going to war within the next couple years your being idealistic yourself.

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