Although hundreds of hundreds of students (the majority of which are bachelors and masters) graduate from CS or Machine Learning departments every year, although the online deep learning courses from Coursera, Udacity, were taken by millions, we keep hearing that companies have difficulties to find AI talents. There are similar reports on AI talent shortage from Bloomberg, Forbes, and many other places. It seems to me that fresh college students may face a more and more challenging job market, while experienced ML engineers will be more and more popular.

Why are fresh graduates often considered as “inexperienced”?

Well, college…

Enterprise customers may not really understand their pain points

We often hear tech people (especially among entrepreneurs) who claim to solve pain points for enterprise customers, such as:
“We’ve talked with a number of customers in the retail industry, and found their pain point in common.”
“Our product will solve the pain point in finance/insurance/energy…”

But in reality, only a few can successfully do that. Typical startups or tech companies develop their solutions with initial customers and build decent solutions which are at least better than those being used. However these solutions may not be wildly accepted, and fade…

CVPR (full name: International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) is the flagship conference in computer vision. In 2018, it has just been held in Salt Lake City from 06/18 to 06/22 with the record of number of participants. This article came from my note during the conference, especially with the focus from an industrial perspective.

As a regular participant to CVPR, I have been astonished by how much the conference has changed. To show this, let’s compare the conference in this year with that in 2010. 2010 is the year when the first ImageNet LSVRC is introduced and…

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