Differences between pre-bonded hair extensions and clip in hair extensions

There are lots of different types of hair enhancements to choose from in China, with the most popular choices being pre-bonded and clip in hair extensions. Deciding which method is right for you can be confusing, so we’ve outlined the key differences to bear in mind when choosing your next set of locks…

pre-bonded hair extensions

Here at Hairbeauty, we specialise in pre-bonded hair extensions. Using 100% ethically sourced human hair, our extensions are attached using small, keratin-based bonds made from a natural polymer that works with your own hair. The bonds are applied to small strands, making them very discreet and avoiding any unnecessary strain on large areas of hair.

Lasting up to 5 months with the correct hair extensions maintenance, Great Lengths are ideal for long-term transformations for length, colour or thickness and volume.

clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions are wefts of hair that are attached with small clips or combs. Instead of the discreet, individual bonds used for pre-bonded hair extensions, clip ins usually feature wider lengths of hair, and can be difficult to disguise when wearing your hair up. Clip in hair extensions also need to be removed and reapplied every day, as well as cared for separately from your own haircare routine.

The alternative to using clip ins for a short-term fix is tape applied hair extensions. The strands can be worn for up to four weeks, can be removed and reapplied several times in-salon and stored in a handy box in between wears.

You can find out more about pre-bonded hair extensions and tape in hair extensions from Great Lengths by visiting our hair extensions page, or by booking a free consultation at your nearest Great Lengths salon.


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