01 Self-media

Yi Zhi Bo is currently one of the most popular self-media platforms in China. It was published on May 13, 2016 and it has attracted more than 80 million active users. In China, it has the highest market penetration in the field of live-streaming platform. According to my research, I find two main qualities from Yi Zhi Bo, which leads to its success.

First of all, the publication time of Yi Zhi Bo was 2016, during the period of the fastest development of self-media. More and more young people are having the demand of sharing their lives as well as following the celebrities’ lives. The live-streaming platform is exactly the most needed product in the market. Besides, though Yi Zhi Bo focuses on giving chances to everyone to make live shows, its network security is reliable since it has strict user rules and there are monitoring staffs all the time.

Secondly, Yi Zhi Bo creates a huge platform that attracts influential people including celebrities, online bloggers, media industry, and political department to share information with audience. Celebrities could share their lives, such as what do they eat every day, what skincare routine do they follow, and boring moments while waiting in the backstage. Celebrities also cooperate with social charity organizations by making live shows introducing charity events they attend and appeal more people to know about people in need. Media industry includes newspaper, websites, and magazines use the live shows during interviews and news report. The viewers could make real-time comments freely and the comments are in public. The interviewees could read the comments just after answering one question. For political use, traffic police could share the live traffic condition to the drivers and the political departments could share government information and announcements interactively with the citizens by the live shows.

Thus, the multiple live show resources give Yi Zhi Bo supports to continuously attracting users. The influence of Yi Zhi Bo is growing rapidly as time goes by. I believe it will become one of the representatives of self-media in the future.