Guys, Longing For a Sex Goddess? It’s all on YOU! Create That Space for her.

OK, so this is a topic I am really passionate about and this may go into a rant at some points but LISTEN UP, my male friends…

And, well, this could include females too, for sure, but I think nonetheless, it has to do with masculine energy which of course both genders posses. But, I do see this more amongst my male friends and men I have dated.

You want a sex goddess, do you? You want hot, sexy, intimate interactions. To be turned on. You want it like the movies? You want to feel sensational. Desires to be fulfilled. Release some tension? Have playful fun? Be touched? Admired? Pleasured? (*in or outside of the bedroom)

Maybe it’s with your spouse, maybe it’s with your partner, maybe it’s with a girl you’re casually dating or even, a total stranger you just met on Bumble…

NEWSFLASH, LADIES WANT THIS TOO. We want to feel sexy, hot, desirable, expansive, invigorated. We want to express our inner, seductive, sensual, maybe edgy, Goddess. What an empowering, confident place to be! Talk about standing in your power (which I talk a lot about in my posts), aimiright!?

We want to be this for you too. The question is… ARE YOU CREATING THAT SPACE FOR HER?

Are you making her feel comfortable, accepted, engaged? Safe… safe is a big one. Safe to be herself, safe to be vulnerable, safe to let down her guard, show an intimate side of herself? I am going to say, no. Otherwise you’d probably be getting more a** (whoops, but true- #sorrynotsorry).

ARE YOU FRIGGIN’ NICE? Really. You think that if you’re kind, she will “want more”. If you respect her, treat her with grace and genuine compassion, she will “get attached”. So you don’t text back, wait to answer, you don’t ask too many deep questions, and keep it surface. You think this makes it easier, less complicated, more fun? Naww. You don’t take her out for dinner or tell her how banging she looks in her outfit.

Well then good luck getting that dirty pic, a girl to express her fantasies or bust out that bada** lingerie for you. Being kind, open and respectful is only going to make her feel confident and connected and therefore, comfortable and empowered to be that freaky sex Goddess you want her to be!

You need to activate that part of her by creating that space. That safe, yet expansive, welcoming space where she can open up. A space where she feels seen, felt, heard. That doesn’t have to mean commitment, and it could eventually, but the two are mutually exclusive. It’s just being self-aware, connected, and aware of what the other person needs to be the best expression of themselves. It’s adopting a conscious approach to dating/intimacy. Acting from a place of love, not fear.

In my experience, I have said things, shared things and opened up more to someone I have known for a month, versus someone I dated for over a year because that beautiful space was created. It is such a cool feeling to be able to do that- share what I like, don’t like, what I desire and what I am truly thinking in the moment (sexy or not!). I can do that because I know/feel that I am respected and valued, regardless. And when I feel respected and valued, I open up. I feel expansive. I feel empowered. I express. I am free to be my truest me.

I step into MY POWER.

So men, looking for that bottom lip biting, lustful, flirty, arousing connection? I invite you to activate it by creating that space for her. Make her feel seen, felt, heard, respected… empower her to be that sensual sex Goddess you crave.

You know she wants to.

In Love & empowering the sex Goddess within,
Li x