What It’s Like Wearing Purple Lipstick

I just want to start off by saying that if you are a lover of lipstick, no matter how you do or don’t gender identify, go buy some purple lipstick right. now.

You know how you have your favourite red lipstick? It could be a classic Taylor Swift on the Red tour red, or a poppy, or a cherry, or a mahogany (mine is this really amazing blue undertoned brick red). Every lipstick lover has one and it makes you feel like the most Badass Babe on the planet.

Well, my friends, allow me to introduce to you purple lipstick: making lipstick-lovers feel more badass than red lipstick from the moment it touches lips.

I know that’s a huge statement to make, especially considering we admire people who wear red lipstick, it makes us feel good about ourselves (and there is nothing vain about that), and it holds a LOT of cultural weight. *note: I do not agree with assuming that only those who self-identify as women wear red lipstick, and I do not agree with using generalizations to discuss all people who wear red lipstick. These articles are for context*

And yet, somehow, purple lipstick is so much better. I walked onto the northbound subway on my commute to work, and I smirked to myself. Sure, I got a few odd looks, but who cares? Purple lipstick makes me invincible to strange looks and rude whispers on the crowded Toronto subway. And actually, I got fewer weird looks that morning than any other morning, it would appear. (And bonus- no one pushed me.)

Then, the best thing happened, and, as science would suggest (probably), we can attribute it entirely to me wearing purple lipstick. As I was nearing my stop, a woman who I’d caught looking over at me a couple of times got my attention over my music. I anticipated a comment about my bold purple lips. To my surprise, she wanted to tell me that she loved my sunglasses and they reminded her of her daughter! So lovely! It was the type of super genuine comment that you just know comes from the heart, and it made my entire day so wonderfully sweet.

I also got a ton of compliments at work, but even without all the compliments, I felt amazing. And, if I can say this, I feel like I received more compliments because I had the confidence of a Badass Babe– not necessarily just because I wore purple lipstick, but moreso because I wore the hell out of purple lipstick.

Go forth, Badass Babes, and get yourself some purple lipstick.



Me: *Shares good news.*

Friend: I’m so incredibly proud of you and happy for you. Things seem to be going extremely well, especially considering how down you were a couple months ago.

Me: I think so too. I have a career, a condo, great family and friends… my new purple lipstick lol. Life is good.

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Originally published at liannapisani.wordpress.com on April 19, 2016.