New Media Capstone

Li Anne Harris
Dec 15, 2016 · 4 min read
the squad.

my final class to complete my new media certificate encompassed a goal to create an application that utilizes emerging augmented reality technology.

what exactly is augmented reality?

- basically, augmented reality is any application or device that adds to your current reality by integrating a digital interface. it is similar to virtual reality, but instead of completely changing reality to a unique world, ar adds to what we see, hear and even what we feel and smell. it most recently gained popularity through the use of pokemon go. in order to create this experience we are using graphical and game development features from unity — a toolkit created to help build ar worlds.

the technology we are using are the combination of maya, unity game engine and vuforia — unity extension. maya is used to create motion design by designing 3D models and animation for the 2D artwork of umano artists. vuforia — unity extension is used to convert umano’s artwork into target images to the camera to recognize and trigger. the unity game engine will be used for the actual augmented reality application building and for the user interference. it can be used in multiple platforms such as the iOS and android. the ultimate goal is to create an application that gives opportunity for customers to interact with umano’s artwork on their clothing in real time.

seeking out a client:

with such an ambiguous topic with many pathways to choose on how to tackle it, our team decided to scope the project around a client for various reasons. for starters, we wanted to get as much out of this experience as we could. by having a real world client, it adds to the skills we are developing beyond a class work assignment. it hones our professional client communication skills while giving us an excuse to create a professional connection with a brand that may lead to further professional relationships (hint, hint — foreshadowing).

secondly, we also wanted to scale our project down a bit. by working with a client, we were able to gain more direction based off what they needed in terms of an augmented reality experience specific to their brand.

so we racked our brains in many brainstorming sessions and ultimately decided to seek out umano, a fashion for good clothing brand based in our hometown in athens, georgia.

umano uses a one-to-one business model to fill backpacks with art supplies for every t-shirt sold and each shirt is screen printed with a child’s artwork on the front. umano is committed to using emerging technology in new ways to tell their story.

umano was completely receptive of our initiative to work with them and graced us with an experience of working with a really cool company. we got lucky with seeking out such an incredible client!

where we come in!

  • we decided to create an experience in real time to interact with the child’s artwork on each shirt. the web-based application makes use of augmented reality technology to share and serve the mission of umano, a local fashion-for-good clothing brand. by bringing kids’ artwork to life, the application aims to foster a deeper connection between customers and umano to fill backpacks with art supplies with the ultimate goal to unleash kids’ creativity. we call this application: umanoAR

my role as content writer and presenter:

as the content writer and presenter, I wrote the majority of the writing the content for the application, website, poster, one pager, and other communication pieces presented. as the presenter, I was a key lead in class presentations and our final booth presentation at SLAM. I enjoy speaking in front of people and communicating ideas in an organized, eloquent and effective manner.

skills and experience:

I have experience working with public speaking and appreciate working with people. I believe presentation is important, especially when communicating new, innovative ideas. I enjoy working with people and presenting material I am confident with. I do well at articulating ideas and thinking strategically with ideation at the core. I write concisely and enjoy expressing our ideas through written and verbal content. I know my way around InDesign, Photoshop and coding, but minimal.

tasks and deliverables:

for my tasks and deliverables I drafted the content needed for the project. I was also heavily involved in the presentations: the proposal presentation, wireframe presentation, beta presentation, and the final booth/stage presentation at SLAM.

if any of this has peaked your interest at all, please take a look deeper into what we proudly produced this semester at .

and if you really have some time, check out these other fun deliverables!




one pager:


final thoughts:

one of my biggest takeaways, was pride in my peers. it is incredible what we, twenty-something students at the university of georgia, are truly capable of producing with the neat emerging technology at our fingertips. often, people can be skeptical or frightened of technology, but after seeing ideas conceived and birthed in capstone this semester, it is safe to say that there is nothing but innovative energy for the future.

also, to answer any suspense from that (hint, hint — foreshadowing) comment under seeking out a client — three of the NMI students were offered spring 2017 internship positions at umano, including myself!