I Fell in Love with a Song
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Love at first notes

I have never really subscribed to the theory of love at first sight. Perhaps because I haven’t felt that rush of familiarity and chemistry and heard angels singing and harps playing at the sight of someone. Now love at first note: that’s something I wholly believe in!

I cannot tell you what day it was, except that it was around mid week. I can tell you when and where. The year was 2008, the month — sometime in Feb maybe? The time of day — early afternoon, in a store that sold books, music, games, toys, stationery, gifts, an assortment of very pricey knick-knacks and not so pricey art and a bunch of other stuff.

Three of my friends and I had taken a prolonged break from work to go hunt down a suitable (but useless) wedding gift for a colleague we didn’t know very well, but did know better than the other people on the team. Adopting a very sensible divide & conquer MO, we’d spilt up into two groups and set off to find that elusive piece of something that would be appreciated, ‘different’ from the usual crockery-clocks-linen gift stuff that is usually bestowed on newlyweds, and would also meet our somewhat generous budget (which had to be fully spent). An hour later, we’d agreed on a pretty painting, the others had toddled off to sort out billing and packaging of the thing, and I had wandered away from the group to the see what else there was to see.

I was between aisles when it came on. That I remember. And within about 15 seconds, I was lost. It felt like time had stopped. At the time, the lyrics didn’t register, just the haunting melody (I was sure the singer was singing about heartbreak). I froze. My feet refused to move, my breathing slowed, I had goosebumps all over. And for those 4 and something minutes, nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. I fell in love — with the notes, the words that I was hearing, yet, hadn’t quite processed, the lost and lonely voice that tugged at my frozen heartstrings as he pleaded with someone to be with him.

The start of the next song snapped me out of my trance, but I HAD to know the name of the song that I had just heard, and who was on the other side of that voice and those lyrics.

Radiohead’s HOUSE OF CARDS.

It’s been on every playlist I’ve had since then.

P.S. I fall in love with songs very frequently; my current ear worm is Skylar Grey’s Winter in me.

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