Elements and Principles of Visual Design

As a photographer, the photo of the dancer itself is striking and immediately caught my eye. Both dance and calligraphy have a flowing aesthetic, and this piece highlights that similarity; the energy of the dancer and the heavy stroke of the brush align perfectly with each other. The balance of this photo is also very well kept — the dancer’s body is angled towards the left side, and the ink splatters on the right side even the photo out. Due to the high intensity content, the neutral colors help calm it down.

This caught my eye because it deviates from what my eye was expecting. It’s intriguing because the curves of the lines almost look like they’re about to hide the words on the cover, so it draws the audience in and makes them want to know more about the product. “Voices in the night” sounds very mysterious, and the somewhat hidden and simplistic design of the cover just adds more to that. The B&W is very traditional, but the break in the horizontal lines adds the needed special touch.

These instantly reminded me of fancier and more sophisticated emojis. Unlike some of the other symbols I came across on Muzli, these are straightforward and obvious enough for me to know what they actually represent. The color gradient of the pink to orange is very appealing, but subtle enough that it isn’t too obnoxious. The color combination used incorporates pretty much all my favorite colors, so maybe that’s why I was immediately drawn to it — that and the complementing blue/orange hues. Personally, I think this is an effective combination of abstract and digital.

I like this design because it’s honest. Yes, sometimes coffee hits the spot and makes me feel happier, but most of the time, I’m just going through the motions. Usually if I’m going into a cafe to buy coffee, it’s because I’m in a crappy mood and need something to at least pretend that my day will get better OR it’s because I’m about to encounter my big hurdle of the day and need the caffeine to survive it. The facial expression of the figure is just too accurate and if anything, the brute honesty of the sign could make customers come in just because it’s funny.