The History and Applications of Liantuo PTFE Rod

Liantuo PTFE Rod are an excellent product. PTFE-polytetrafluoroethylene was discovered by Dr. Roy Plunkett of DuPont Research Laboratory on April 6, 1938. The original PTFE was further developed by Dupont and released as a product in 1945.

The product is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and can handle temperatures above 500 ° C. One of PTFE’s first household items is the “PTFE coated frying pan”. Although the pot works very well, it is different from the PTFE rods and plates we supply. It is sprayed on almost black coating, pure PTFE rods and sheets in the PTFE round bar steam valve package is bright white how to use industrial PTFE plastic rods how to use industrial PTFE plastic rods PTFE gaskets and steam packaging.

Because PTFE has high temperature and chemical resistance, it is usually used for valve applications. From simple steam / hot water valves to high temperature, fluid handling industries caustic chemical valves. This material is semi-rigid to rigid plastic and can be easily machined — one of the easiest to use plastic. The PTFE rod can be machined into very close tolerances on most small diameter rods with a diameter of +.002 “/ — .00”. Chemical resistance is one of the key properties associated with materials. In flakes or flakes, PTFE is used as a gasket material for high heat and chemical resistant flanges and seals.

Liantuo company strive to be a leading global technology partner with a sustainable development policy in the field of polymer plastic products and to create a maximum value for our costumers.

As a technology company, focusing on market and application requirements, we have specialised in the developing and of PTFE ,Nylon and other polymer products and in the product-related technical support.

We pursue primarily the following goals in order to create lasting values for our customers, our employees and our suppliers.

to be a competent and reliable partner for both existing and future customers in the field of expanded PTFE products and to provide most comprehensive technical support
 to be a company commonly considered as an employer of first choice
 to continuously improve and extend our offers, while concentrating on our core competencies
 to assist and support our customers in the search of new business opportunities
 to ensure long-term economic success
 Strengthening of the presence in selected geographical markets with the help of strong partners
 Creation of sustainable values by the consolidation and the development of our know-how, with special consideration of the needs of our customers
 Early recognition of innovative technologies, eligible to strengthen lastingly LiantupCompany and its partners

we want to joint development and explore with our parter. PTFE Sheet: