The Unbearable Homogeneity of Design
Morgane Santos

Terrible article. Swear word in ever other paragraph. Putting people down for who they are in every other paragraph. Propagating the angry female version of racism, sexism and ageism. Writing the umpteenth article about how the current state of UI design sucks (this lame argument has been going on for a quarter of a century). Propagating the myth that UI Design in somehow art. Newsflash/hashtag UI design is about creating tools for people to use to get things done. It is not art. Do you buy a hammer and then sit there an look at it lovingly admiring its great “design?” No you pick it up and get to work. UI design should be judged by how well it suites its purpose. There are good and bad aesthetics to UI design. There is good and bad usability. There is even an element of inspiration to good software design. But UI design is supposed to be somewhat homogeneous. What do you think an operating system is, a Web browser a gesture based smart phone is? They are standard ways to get things done. If you veer too far away from the standard most people will reject your tool. So get over the whiny hipster diatribe and get to work.

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