CNA Week 3

Spirit Ride campaign passes through Lynchburg
The Spirit Ride campaign stopped in at Bee Line Towing, September 13 to draw attention to the “slow down, move over” law. The employees at Bee Line Towing held a ceremony for their co-workers who have lost their lives while on the job. The article then stated that there was a motorcade down Wards Rd., including towing vehicles, police cars and firetrucks.

Drug charge leads to prison for city woman who reported shooting
Jaide Keyona Ferguson was sentenced to three years in prison for drug possession. She had a history of dealing drugs and was on probation when she was caught again. The article also stated that she was being investigated for the shooting that she reported in November, 2016.

Updated: Lynn Dodge, longtime city librarian, dies
This News and Advance article stated that Lynn Dodge worked with the Lynchburg Public Library for 40 years. She was loved by lots of people in Lynchburg. She died on the evening of Tuesday, September 12, due to a brain tumor.

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