CNA Week 9

By declining to explain threats, Jim McElwain has made matters worse at Florida

University of Florida football coach Jim McElwain, noted at a press conference that he was experiencing threats. The question that was asked was in regards to the current hate in the world today. Although interviewers asked the coach for more information, he would not release any more details, which is leading to the school having to take control of the situation.

Redskins seek to fix offensive woes before facing Cowboys

The Washington Redskins are currently 3–3 in the NFC East competition. Without the support of quarterback, Kirk Cousins, the offensive side of the team is struggling to get past a third down. Coach Garrett of the team said he is worried about his offense for the next upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington International Horse Show President’s Cup Party to Benefit USET Foundation

The 59th Washington International Horse Show’s President Cup will be held this Saturday the 28th. The President’s cup is a competition to see who can jump their horse the highest to raise the most money for the USET Foundation. Out of all nights of the horse show, this is the most popular and sophisticated as attendees are given the opportunity to go to the open bar and be served dinner at the show.

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