What is good writing?

When I am not being swamped by homework, I usually find myself having a decent amount of free time on my hands. This usually turns into me surfing the internet, scrolling through social media, and coming across the occasional article that intrigues my interest. I am not much of a reader, but I really do enjoy reading interesting articles that pop up on my ‘timeline’. I am a fairly picky reader, so if the article does not interest me within the first few sentences, I usually just keep on scrolling. On the contrary, if I do happen to find something that I am interested in reading, I’ll usually dive deeper into the topic, researching and reading more and more about whatever it is.

With this generation having a tendency to pick up their phones, and laying down the books, I believe it’s extremely important that writers know how to grab the readers attention from the very start. If the writer doesn’t begin the article with a ‘hook’ or something that gets the reader interested within the first couple of sentences, the reader may not even continue. This article does a great job of getting the reader hooked from the start. The introduction seems to be a passionate issue to the writer which she allows the reader to experience with her as she continues on through the article.

Another important aspect of good writing is having the writer relate to the reader. Depending on the article that the author is trying to write, the author’s writing style should reflect the topic of the article. If the article is being written about an extremely political issue in the Washington Post, it shouldn’t be written like a daily blog post. On the other hand, a daily fashion blogger won’t write like they’re writing for the Washington Post. The writer should have an understanding of who their audience is and what style of writing they can most relate to.

Good writing is so important, especially since this generation is doing more scrolling and scanning than actually educating themselves by reading and learning new things everyday. So be a good writer and change the world!

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